312 Class D-3 Wedding Cake Contracts


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Class D-2 Wedding Cake Contracts- Barbara Evans – Sun 9:00-11:00AM $25

Have you dabbled in wedding cakes or considered going into the business? This presentation will cover many of the different aspects of the business. Attendees will receive sample contracts and forms that I have developed over the past 35 years while running my wedding cake business. We will discuss consultations, what it takes to have a wedding cake business as a hobby, full time in your home or in a shop setting. Be with us for this enlightening discussion.

Since 1981 Barbara Evans has owned and operated the Wedding Cake Connection in Peoria, Illinois, offering custom designed wedding cakes.  She earned the title of Certified Master Sugar Artist from ICES in 2008.  Barb is the owner and designer of the Stable Mabel Tiered Cake Support Systems.  In 2017 Barb joined the French Pastry School in Chicago as a Chef Instructor.